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COS Data Handbook 2.00
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List of Tables
Table 1.1: COS Spectroscopic Modes
Table 1.2: Wavelength Ranges for FUV Gratings for FPPOS = 3
Table 1.3: Wavelength Ranges for NUV Gratings
Table 1.4: COS Detector Characteristics
Table 2.1: Data Types and File Naming Conventions
Table 2.2: Columns of a Raw TIME-TAG Data Table
Table 2.3: Columns of a COS corrtag Table
Table 2.4: Columns of a COS Lampflash Table
Table 2.5: Columns of a COS Extracted Spectrum Table
Table 2.6: Member Types in COS Associations.
Table 2.7: ACQ/IMAGE Header Keywords.
Table 2.8: ACQ/SEARCH Header Keywords.
Table 2.9: ACQ/PEAKXD Header Keywords.
Table 2.10: ACQ/PEAKD Header Keywords.
Table 2.11: Columns of an ACQ/SEARCH or ACQ/PEAKD Table
Table 2.12: Columns of a jitter Table.
Table 2.13: COS Pipeline Data Volumes per Exposure
Table 2.14: COS Pipeline Data Volumes per Calibrated Exposure
Table 2.15: Selected Header Keywords and Relationship
to Phase II Parameters
Table 2.16: Spectroscopic Calibration Switch Keywords
Table 2.17: Imaging Calibration Switch Keywords
Table 2.18: Reference File Keywords
Table 2.19: COS Data Quality Flags
Table 3.1: Variables used in 1-D Spectral Extraction
Table 3.2: Arguments for Running calcos in PyRAF
Table 3.3: Arguments for Running calcos in Python:
Table 3.4: Command-line Options for Running calcos in Unix/Linux/Mac:
Table 3.5: BRSTTAB Table Contents
Table 3.6: BADTTAB Table Content
Table 3.7: PHATAB Table Contents
Table 3.8: BRFTAB Table Contents
Table 3.9: WALKTAB Table Contents
Table 3.10: BPIXTAB Table Content
Table 3.11: LAMPTAB Table Contents
Table 3.12: WCPTAB Table Contents
Table 3.13: DISPTAB Table Format
Table 3.14: XTRACTAB Table Format
Table 3.15: fluxTAB Table Format
Table 3.16: TDSTAB Table Format
Table 3.17: GSAGTAB Table Format
Table 3.18: HVTAB Table Format
Table 3.19: SPWCSTAB Table Format
Table 5.1: COS-Specific Tasks
Table 5.2: Spectral Analysis Tasks
Table 5.3: Useful IRAF Tasks for Reducing TIME-TAG Data

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