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New STScI Science Software Released

AstroConda, a new software repository, is now available through STScI’s Science Software Branch. AstroConda provides tools and utilities commonly used in astronomy as well as HST-specific software. AstroConda is a replacement for the previously released Ureka environment. We strongly encourage anyone who runs the HST pipelines to use AstroConda, especially COS users. The most recent CalCOS build, version 3.1.7, is only available in AstroConda and cannot be used with Ureka.

Additionally, we encourage users to use CalCOS with Python 3.5. CalCOS version 3.1.7 was optimized for Python 3.5 usage. Due to a difference in the native python rounding function, CalCOS products using Python 2.7 will yield slightly different results than those obtained using Python 3.5.

Full details on the new AstroConda software environment and how to install it can be found at:

Questions about AstroConda and the included STScI-based and Gemini-based software can be directed to: