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Recent COS and STIS Instrument Science Reports

The following ISRs were published characterizing the behavior of COS and STIS following HST Servicing Mission 4 (SM4). Please visit the following websites to access these and future ISRs.



COS ISRs published since SM4:

ISR 2010-15: Early Results from the COS Spectroscopic Sensitivity 
             Monitoring Programs

ISR 2010-14: COS Target Acquisition Guidelines, Recommendations, and 

ISR 2010-10: SMOV: COS NUV Imaging Performance

ISR 2010-09: COS FUV External Spectroscopic Performance

ISR 2010-07: SMOV: COS FUV Focus Determination

ISR 2010-06: SMOV: COS FUV Wavelength Calibration

ISR 2010-05: SMOV: COS NUV Wavelength Calibration

ISR 2010-04: SMOV: COS NUV On-orbit Optical Alignment

ISR 2010-03: COS Near-UV Flat Fields and High S/N Determination from
	     SMOV Data

ISR 2010-02: SMOV Absolute Flux Calibration of the COS FUV Modes

ISR 2010-01: SMOV Absolute Flux Calibration of the COS NUV Modes

ISR 2009-01: Preliminary Characterization of the Post-Launch Line Spread
	     Function of COS

STIS ISRs published since SM4:

ISR 2010-01: Monitoring of the Wavelength Calibration Lamps for the 
	     Hubble Space Telescope

ISR 2009-02: STIS CCD Performance after SM4: Read Noise, Dark Current, 
             Hot Pixel Annealing, CTE, Gain, and Spectroscopic Sensitivity