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COS G130M/1055 and G130M/1096 Data Taken After Jul 23 2012 Now Available in MAST

Calibration reference files for the COS FUV G130M 1055 and 1096 central wavelength settings are now available for observations taken at the 2nd COS FUV lifetime position. This includes all GO data taken after July 23, 2012. These observations are now available in the HST archive and can be retrieved via the usual archive interface. For those data subject to a proprietary period, that period will have started on June 26, 2013. As usual, future data obtained with these settings should be available within a few days of the observation time.

These files use preliminary calibrations and provide fluxes that are accurate to only about 20% at some wavelengths. Reference files are not yet available for G130M 1055 or 1096 data taken at the 1st COS FUV lifetime position. This includes any GO data using these settings that was taken before July 23, 2012. Please contact for any questions about such observations. Over the next few months we plan to provide reference files with significantly improved calibrations for G130M 1055 and 1096 data taken at both lifetime positions.