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Pixel-based CTI Corrections for STIS CCD Data

The COS/STIS team at STScI has created a stand-alone automated script to apply Charge Transfer Inefficiency (CTI) corrections to STIS CCD data. The script will remove trails and other artifacts caused by CTI effects in the CCD detector, and will help correct target fluxes and positions to their proper values. The script (version 1.0) uses a pixel-based correction algorithm and runs in Python. The script automatically generates CTI corrected dark reference files, applies CTI corrections to the science data, and outputs the usual CALSTIS products with CTI corrections applied. The script is being made available to the community for downloading and use; further information can be found here.

The images below illustrate a STIS CCD image of Omega Cen star cluster before and after processing by the new script.