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June 2013 STAN

| STScI Analysis Newsletter (STAN) 
| Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS)
| Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS)
| June 2013

In this Newsletter we provide some updates of interest to 
COS and STIS users who will be drafting and submitting Phase II 
HST programs over the next weeks.  



Updates to the COS ETC

The new ETC Version 21.2 includes segment specific dark rates for the FUV detector, updated resel sizes and extraction heights for the G130M/1055 and G130M/1096 modes, and an ACQ/SEARCH option for the NUV ACQ/Imaging ETC. -------------------------------------------------------------- Changes to Recommended Buffer Time for COS TIME-TAG observations

The recommendations for the value of BUFFER-TIME have been modified for Cycle 21.

-------------------------------------------------------------- COS G130M Blue Mode Segment=B Observations

Due to the 100x difference in sensitivity between the COS segments FUVA and FUVB when observing with the G130M/1055 and 1096 CENWAVES, it is expected that many observers will need to turn off FUVA when observing bright targets with FUVB. -------------------------------------------------------------- Position Dependance of Linearity Beyond Saturation and Serial Transfer Artifacts in STIS CCD Data

We report here on the behavior of saturated data taken in the upper part of the STIS CCD detector, closer to the default readout register. Saturation in this region of the detector can lead to image artifacts and deviations from linearity larger than those previously reported.

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