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June 2013 STAN

| STScI Analysis Newsletter (STAN) 
| Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS)
| June 2013

In this Newsletter we provide some updates of interest to 
COS users.



COS G130M/1055 and G130M/1096 Data Taken After 
Jul 23 2012 Now Available in MAST

Calibration reference files for the COS FUV G130M 1055 and 1096 central wavelength settings are now available for observations taken after July 23, 2012 at the 2nd COS FUV lifetime position.

-------------------------------------------------------------- Incorrect COS ACQ/IMAGE coordinate keywords

The WCS (World Coordinate System) keywords for COS ACQ/IMAGE observations contain an error in the reference pixel for the WCS coordinates.

-------------------------------------------------------------- Implementation of Gain-Sag Table Reference File

The gain-sag table reference file (GSAGTAB) has been implemented in the OTFR pipeline as of May 24, 2013.

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