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March 2014 STAN

| STScI Analysis Newsletter (STAN) 
| Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS)
| Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS)
| March 2014

In this Newsletter we provide some updates of interest to COS and
STIS users.



Use of the "Available-but-Unsupported" 
31X0.05NDA, 31X0.05NDB, and 31X0.05NDC Apertures for STIS 
MAMA Spectroscopy

The COS/STIS team is working on analysis and full pipeline 
implementation of the STIS 31X0.05NDA, 31X0.05NDB, and 
31X0.05NDC apertures. These "available-but-unsupported" 
neutral density slits have modest attenuation factors 
(~6X, 15X, and 30X), providing a useful complement to the 
officially supported apertures and filling the gap between the 
smallest clear slits and the supported ND slits with ~100X 
and 1000X attenuation factors. Work on the implementation 
of these slits in the back-end is being driven by the Cycle 
21 large program 13346 (Advanced Spectral Library II: Hot 
Stars), which makes extensive use of these unsupported
apertures, and by the need to provide the  STIS community 
with spectra uniformly calibrated with the CalSTIS pipeline.


New High Contrast Coronagraphic locations for STIS provide inner 
working angles of ~0.2" 

New aperture locations that provide greatly 
enhanced inner working angles for STIS CCD coronagraphic 
imaging modes have been investigated by the STIS outsourced 
calibration program 12923. A website detailing suggested 
observing strategies with these new positions is provided, but 
currently these modes are "Available-but-Unsupported".


STIS Spectroscopic ETC now supports Small Echelle Slits with the STIS 

The 22.1 release of the ETC (Available Nov. 26, 2013) now 
provides users with the ability to simulate spectroscopic 
acquisitions and  ACQ/PEAKs using small slits, primarily 
used for UV echelle spectroscopy, in combination with the 


Moving COS FUV Spectra to the Third COS FUV Lifetime Position

The location of COS FUV spectra will likely be moved to 
the third detector Lifetime Position (LP3) in the fall of 
2014. This article briefly summarizes the current plan 
and discusses the implications of this move for the quality 
of COS FUV spectral data.

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