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January 2016 STAN

| STScI Analysis Newsletter (STAN) 
| Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS)
| January 2016

In this Newsletter we provide some updates of interest to 
COS users:


CalCOS version 3.1 Released

A new version of  the COS pipeline, CalCOS, version 3.1, has 
been installed in the operational pipeline and the available 
cache of COS data has been reprocessed with the latest version.
Detailed release notes for this, and previous, versions of 
CalCOS can be found on the “CalCOS Release Notices” web page.
This new version includes minor bug fixes from CalCOS 3.0, 
the addition of a new reference file, and code changes to 
handle localized transient events in FUV data. These changes 
went into effect on December 1, 2015. The changes produced by
CalCOS 3.1 are relatively minor for data obtained at Lifetime 
Position 3 (i.e. all data obtained after Feb 9 2015 except 
with the G130M/1055/1096 cenwaves) and are insignificant for 
data obtained prior to the LP3 move. However, users who prefer 
to get the most up-to-date calibrations can re-retrieve their 
data from

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