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CALCOS v2.18.5 Release Notes

This describes changes from calcos version 2.17.3 to 2.18.5.

Relevant Trac tickets and PRs:
Trac   PR
----  -----
 558  65203  Calcos should not use keyword TC2_2.
 718  68538  Update deprecated Python syntax in calcos.
 720  68550  Calcos should accept data taken with different cenwaves.
      68936  Calcos should add MCENWAVE and MFPPOS keywords to COS data
 761  69143  Calcos should flag gain-sagged regions in FUV data.
 830  70036  Calcos should read the HVTAB and populate keywords.
 852  70447  For tagflash data, calcos should assign another default value.
 854  70493  add option to CALXXX tasks to report version ID
 856  70562  Calcos should use PROPAPER if APERTURE is RelMvReq.
 857  70563  Calcos should do something sensible if LIFE_ADJ is -1
 864  70770  Delete the check on NUMERIX in calcos.
 865  70786  Calcos needs a reasonable default value for x1dsum array size.
 877  71057  Calcos can flag the upper limits of DQ regions incorrectly.
 882  71135  Calcos deadtime correction returns the wrong number of values.
 891  71303  Calcos should update calibration switch keywords for ACQ/IMAGE
 894  71315  Calcos no longer needs to find lamp flash spacing.
 902  71425  Change calcos --only_csum option regarding switches.
 903  71426  Calcos should rename some keywords instead of deleting.
 907  71516  Calcos should round rather than truncate.
 917  71635  Calcos bug regarding SPWCSTAB = "N/A".


The option to use a gsagtab to flag gain sagged regions has been

When regions are flagged as bad in the DQ extension of an flt or counts
file, the lower limit of flagged regions has (in some cases) been too
high.  The bug is seen when SHIFT2A (or B or C) is greater than or equal
to +0.5, and the lower limit of a flagged region will be too high by the
SHIFT2A (B, C) value, rounded to an integer.

When averaging x1d tables to make an x1dsum table, there are several
columns that contain arrays.  If all the input x1d tables are empty, the
array length was being set to 0, which is not a valid array length.  The
array length is now set to a positive value, at least 1 but usually the
length of an FUV or NUV x1d array.

A bug was fixed for the case of ACQ/IMAGE data with zero exposure time.

An association may now include exposures taken with different values of
the CENWAVE keyword.

New keywords MCENWAVE, MFPPOS and MFPOFSET are now written when averaging
spectra.  The values are strings containing comma-separated values of the
distinct CENWAVE, FPPOS and FPOFFSET keywords from the input file(s).

For ACQ/IMAGE data, the calibration switch keywords were not being updated
to COMPLETE.  This has been fixed.

New command-line arguments '--version' and '-r' have been added, to
print the version number and the full version string respectively.

Under some circumstances the APERTURE keyword can have a value such as
RelMvReq that does not indicate what aperture was used for the exposure.
Additional information (e.g. the value of PROPAPER) is now used to
help determine which aperture was actually used.

If an exposure was taken at an aperture position that is not in the list
of currently defined positions (in which case keyword LIFE_ADJ will be -1),
the offset from LIFE_ADJ = +1 will be determined from the location of the
aperture block, and this offset will be applied when looking for the
wavecal or target spectrum.

The spectroscopic WCS keywords were not being written if the last file
in an association had keyword SPWCSTAB = "N/A", e.g. if the exposure
was an auto or GO wavecal.