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CALCOS v2.8.3 Release Notes

---------------- CALCOS v2.8.3 ----------------------------------

relevant PRs:
61305, 61783, 61914, 62433, 62434, 62665, 62666, 62667

relevant Trac tickets:
302, 328, 394, 395, 407, 408, 409, 411

This version uses the column names D and D_TV03 in the dispersion
tables that Stephane made on 2009 May 22.  ACQ/IMAGE data can be
calibrated.  Background smoothing for NUV is done only over the region
corresponding to the detector (i.e. no longer extending into the buffer
region).  Some keywords have been renamed, and there are new keywords,
e.g. for the number of events and the amount of time lost due to FUV
bursts and to the BADTTAB.  For TIME-TAG data a modified GTI table
will be appended to the corrtag file that accounts for time intervals
lost to FUV bursts or due to BADTTAB.  For ACCUM data the input headers
are used to write the flt and counts files.  If the user specified a
text file with values to override the wavecal shifts in the dispersion
direction, the name of that file will be appended to the value of the
WAVECALS keyword.