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Visiting STScI

To schedule a trip to STScI, you should contact at least three weeks prior to your intended visiting dates. Once your visit is scheduled, you will be assigned to an Instrument Scientist (IS) and a Data Analyst (DA), who will assist you during your time here. The IS will get in contact with you before your visit to discuss your calibration and analysis plans, and to determine your overall scientific objective, in order to ensure a productive trip.

You should plan to arrive at the Institute by 9 a.m., since you will only recieve support from the IS and DA between the hours of 9 and 5 (unless special arrangements have been made). Furthermore, you should plan on staying here for at least two, and at most five days; although you will only get direct science support for 2-3 days.

Preparing for Your Visit:

Before you arrive at STScI, you should be familiar with FGS data; e.g. you should be aquainted with the different FGS data products, the format of the FITS files, etc. If you have not already done so, you should read through the FGS Data Handbook to further familiarize yourself with FGS data and data analysis. You should also have a good working knowledge of IRAF, as some of the FGS calibration and data analysis are accomplished via IRAF scripts. Another important prepatory measure is to familiarize yourself with your data. This will increase efficiency and productivity during your limited stay here. Finally, you should formulate a solid concept of what goals you plan to accomplish during your visit.

Baltimore Maps, STScI Visitor Info., etc.

Once You Arrive:

When you arrive at the Institute, pull into the front driveway. The receptionist in the main lobby will give you a parking access card and show you where to park. Your assigned DA/IS team will be expecting you, and will have already familiarized themselves with your data and scientific goals (based on what you provided prior to the visit). You will meet with the IS and DA to discuss in more detail your course of action for the remainder of the visit. Additionally, you will be provided with a work station to use during your stay, as well as all requisite documentation and software (thus you need not bring these things with you). The DA will get you started with your calibration/analysis if you are not already familiar with the software. Once you feel comfortable working independatly, your DA/IS team will be on call to help you with problems or questions as they arise. In addition, you will most likely meet with the IS a few hours each day to discuss your work. When you leave, you may be asked to fill out an exit survey to assess the support you recieved during your visit.