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FGS Photometry

As a scientific instrument, the FGSs are capable of providing photometric measurements of point sources. The basic photometric capabilities of the FGS are:

The absolute FGS photometric response of FGS3 has been stable at the 2% level over the past eight years (L. Reed, BF Goodrich) . FGS1r is expected to be as stable or better. For relative photometry on time scales of orbits, the FGS has been shown to be stable at the 1 milli-magnitude level, thus affording an opportunity for 0.1-0.2% time series photometry.

For more specific details on FGS photometry, follow the links to the documents listed below.

FGS Photometry Documentation:

See Section 3.6 of the FGS Instrument Handbook

Instrument Science Reports:
ISRs are technical reports written by members of the FGS Group about various aspects of the instrument and data. They usually contain in-depth information about specific topics.

Papers and Proceedings:
Selected FGS related published papers and workshop proceedings.