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PSFs taken in SMOV - 3/11/1994

The following images were taken as part of the PSF program (4788) or else in the absolute sensitivity program (4787). All images can be found in the subdirectory f96/foc+costar/. All PSF stars are centered relatively well in the field of view. In every case, the target is BPM16274. The format indicators follow this rule:

"n" refers to normal pixels, "z" to zoomed pixels.

The format indicator is made up of 2 numbers that give you the size of the format in pixels, with x first and y second. If the format is nij, then the size of the image is 1024*2**-i by 1024*2**-j. So if i is 1 and j is 1 (i.e. n11 format), the expanded format is 1024*2^-1 (=512) by 1024*2^-1 (=512). The following are possible formats:

Mnemonic      Format

z10           512X1024(Z)
z11           512X512(Z)
z20           256X1024(Z)
n10           512X1024
n11           512X512
n22           256X256
n33           128X128
n20           256X1024

Image       Filters        Exp Time  Prop  Format    Comments
F120Ma.hhh  F120M            596     4787   z10    Overflowed & saturated
F140M.hhh   F140M+F2ND       896     4787   n11    Near reseau mark
F170M.hhh   F170M+F4ND       896     4787   n11    Near reseau mark
F210M.hhh   F210M+F4ND       896     4787   n11    Near reseau mark
F307M.hhh   F307M+F4ND       896     4787   n11    
F410M.hhh   F410M+F4ND       896     4787   n11    
F501Na.hhh  F501N+F1ND       896     4787   n11    Filter artifact: ghost @ [-68,-12]
                                                   pixels from center of PSF
F550M.hhh   F550M+F1ND       896     4787   n11    Near reseau mark
F120Mb.hhh  F120M            596     4788   z10    Overflowed & saturated
F120Mc.hhh  F120M            896     4788   n22    "Jet"
F152M.hhh   F152M+F2ND       896     4788   n22    "Jet"
F220W.hhh   F220W+F4ND+F1ND  896     4788   n22    "Jet"
F342W.hhh   F342W+F6ND       896     4788   n22
F372M.hhh   F372M+F4ND+F1ND  896     4788   n22    Strong artifact - bar through PSF,
                                                   45 degrees to spider
F430W.hhh   F430W+F4ND+F1ND  896     4788   n22
F486N.hhh   F486N            896     4788   n22
F480LP.hhh  F480LP+F2ND+F1ND 896     4788   n22
F501Nb.hhh  F501N+F1ND       896     4788   n22    Ghost
F320W.hhh   F320W+F6ND       496     5517   n22    filter-shift,degraded

There are more PSFs for the F486N filter that were taken as part of the alignment program or else as a probe of field effects, users should contact STScI for more information.

The PSF for the F320W filter reflects the problems arising from its severe filter-induced image shift. This filter shift moves the PSF to the edge of the 256x256 field of view and induces the aberrations seen in this PSF.