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FOC PSF Library

This is a library of FOC PSFs taken since launch. A report on the spherically aberrated PSFs (PostScript, [115 kb]) provides indications as to the quality of some of the early PSFs. Information on which COSTAR-corrected PSFs were taken during SMOV can be found in this report. Those PSFs are also included in the library. Care must be taken when using any FOC PSF due to the effect of breathing by the telescope assembly. This causes slight focus shifts which alter the PSF from one exposure to another. The PSFs provided, however, still represent the average response of the FOC.

The PSF library has been sub-divided by periods when the secondary mirror was at the same position, disregarding desorption effects, with the days given referring to days since launch.

f/96 PSFs

f/48 PSFs

f/288 PSFs