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FOC Instrument Science Report 063

FOC Instrument Science Report 063

"The FOCSIM Beginner's Manual - 8/92
by W. Hack

Abstract excerpted from the report:

This manual introduces a user to the FOC simulator FOCSIM which runs under 
IRAF on some UNIX systems and the VAX science cluster at STScI. The manual
starts with a discussion of how FOCSIM was designed to work and what
calculations FOCSIM was designed to perform. It then proceeds to walk the
user through simple simulation explaining in some detail the necessary
procedures to run and the nature of the parameters FOCSIM expects as input.
Upon completing the first simulations, some of the more advanced uses of
FOCSIM is discussed briefly. The appendices include examples of FOCSIM's
output products as well as listings of the source object spectral catalogs
available to FOCSIM.