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FOC Instrument Science Report # 077

FOC Instrument Science Report # 077

"The Results of the f/48 DQE Program"
by P. Greenfield

Abstract excerpted from the report:

The f/48 detector was successfully switched on in the interim period
between the maintenance and repair mission, and the deployment of the 
COSTAR corrective optics to run a DQE proposal. Unfortunately, this
good news was muted by the appearance of a rapidly increasing
background level whic seriously compromised the data quality and 
threatens the future usefulness of this detector (the background level
had reached saturation levels for the larger formats). Nevertheless,
it was still possible to do some analysis of the data to get estimates
of the DQE of this relat. The general conclusion reached is that the 
DQE of f/48 appears to be on average about 60% of that predicted over 
post of the useful bandpass. No evidence was seen for the large 
discrepancies reported by one GO using the F150W and F130LP
filters in the sensitivity for f/48.