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FOC Instrument Science Report # 82

FOC Instrument Science Report # 82		11 Nov 1994

"Calibration Product Review for the FOC"
by A. Nota, F. Paresce, W. Hack

Abstract excerpted from the report:

This report describes in detail the calibration process for FOC images, 
the operations performed and the set of reference files that are used. For
each set of reference files, the current version is indicated, with a qualifier
indicating how it was obtained, and all previous updates are listed. The
calibration files currently used are correct, with minor exceptions related
to variable parameters. At the moment, the FOC has a few potentially variable 
calibration issues, e.g. the aperture location, the geometric correction, the 
focus and the UV throughput. These are handled through calibration 
monitoring programs and subsequent updates of the relevant files when 
necessary. This report describes the efforts the FOC instrument science team 
has put forth in keeping the calibration up-to-date and in notifying the FOC 
GOs of the changes.