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FOC Instrument Science Report #084

FOC Instrument Science Report #084
							21 Mar 1995
"FOC F/48 Slit Search and Detector Performance"
by A. Nota, W. Hack, P. Greenfield

Abstract excerpted from the report:

The FOC F/48 was successfully switched on Day 304 to execute a
calibration program aimed at locating the slit in the HST focal plane
and characterizing the performance of the F/48 detector. The test was
partially successful: the slit location portion was ham-pered by a
mis-planned series of spatial scans. However, the high level of
background light seen last time was less pronounced. In this instance,
the background started at moderately high levels then decreased
substantially over the course of the observations. This behavior has
generated a moderate optimism on the future behavior of the camera.
More testing is necessary to establish the repeatability of our