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4.2 Filters

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The FOC has six commandable rotating filter wheels holding 58 optical elements and six clear apertures. Four wheels are on the f/96 camera, and two are on the f/48 camera. The filter wheels of the f/96 camera have long pass, wide band, medium band, narrow band and neutral density filters. They also contain three polarizers and two objective prisms. The filter wheels of the f/48 camera contain long pass, wide band, and three objective prisms. Tables 3 and 4 of the FOC Instrument Handbook, version 7.0, gives a complete list of the optical elements ordered by increasing peak wavelengths and provides information on their transmission and wavelength coverage. This table also lists the magnitudes of attenuation of the neutral density filters, which can diminish the beam in increments of one magnitude from one to nine magnitudes.

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