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Chapter 5 FOC Data Structures

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File Suffixes / 5-1
Header Keywords / 5-2
Relationship to Proposed Observations / 5-3
Paper Products / 5-4

When newly-gathered HST data arrive at STScI, a system known as OPUS1 immediately partitions the data into separate files, looks for discrepancies between the planned and executed observations, calibrates the data files, and deposits them in the HST Archive. The FOC data files you obtain from the Archive via the Internet or on a data tape will be in FITS format. Before you analyze these data, you will want to convert them to GEIS format. The names of the resulting GEIS files will consist of a nine-character rootname, whose syntax is explained in Appendix B, and a three-character suffix. Chapter 2 describes the GEIS and FITS file formats, and shows how to convert archival FITS files into GEIS files. This chapter describes how these FOC data files are organized, including:

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1 OSS and PODPS Unified System (OPUS).

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