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Image Orientation Calculator

This form will calculate the orientation of an image from the ORIENT angle given in a Phase II proposal, or calculate the necessary ORIENT angle for a desired orientation of North relative to the image Y axis. Only the formats found in the formats catalog are supported by this calculator.

Select the image format to be used: Calculate ORIENT angle for Phase II proposal.

Given an angle from North to image Y axis of degrees.
Calculate North angle relative to image Y axis.
Given an ORIENT angle of degrees.
Plot the North to Y angle given the ORIENTAT keyword from the image header.
The keyword ORIENTAT has a value of degrees.
NOTE: All angles are measured from North through East...

Calculate new position in the image for
POS TARG = ( , ).
The target will normally be placed at the reference position in the image, corresponding to a POS TARG of (0,0).