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GHRS Documentation

Instrument Handbook The primary source of information for the GHRS is the GHRS Instrument Handbook, of which the latest version is 6.0, dated June 1995. This version was used for preparing proposals for Cycle 6 of the HST Observing Program. Previous versions are also available in PostScript format for: Cycle 4 and Cycle 5.
HST Data Handbook The HST Data Handbook describes data sets produced by each instrument aboard the Hubble Space Telescope and techniques for reading, understanding, calibrating, and analyzing the data. Appendices are available that describe how to use the HST data archives, STEIS, and the STSDAS and IRAF software.
GHRS Instrument Science Reports ISRs are technical reports written by the GHRS Group staff about various aspects of the instrument and data. They usually contain in depth information about a specific topic.
Telescope Instrument Performance Summary TIPS presentations cover calibration observations and analysis, GHRS usage, and GHRS documentation released.
GHRS Space Telescope Analysis Newsletter The Space Telescope Analysis Newsletter (STAN) is sent out electronically to HST users. The GHRS version contains brief articles of interest to GHRS users.
GHRS Advisories Old notices and reports about the GHRS detail some of the history of the GHRS calibrations and operations. Items from Cycles 1 and 2 are also available.
HST Calibration Workshop Proceedings The Conference Proceedings from both the 1993 and 1997 HST Calibration Workshops contain useful chapters on the GHRS.