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Chapter 34 GHRS Instrument

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GHRS History / 34-2
Instrument Description / 34-3
Operating Modes and Data Types / 34-11
Documentation and References / 34-12

The Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph (GHRS) was designed by the GHRS Investigation Definition Team (IDT) consisting of J. Brandt (Principal Investigator), E. Beaver, A. Boggess, K. Carpenter, D. Ebbets, S. Heap, J. Hutchings, M. Jura, D. Leckrone, J. Linsky, S. Maran, B. Savage, A. Smith, L. Trafton, F. Walter, and R. Weymann. The instrument was built by Goddard Space Flight Center and prime subcontractor Ball Aerospace. The instrument is described in Brandt, J.C., et al., 1994, "The Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph: Instrument, Goals, and Science Results," PASP, 106, 890.

You are probably someone who wishes to study archival data from the GHRS since most General Observers (GOs) have completed their data analysis by now. Archival Researchers (ARs) face several problems-only some of which the original observer experienced:

Of course data reduction is what you must do before you get to the interesting work, which is extracting useful astrophysical information from your data. Reading manuals about the data reduction process is seldom more entertaining than the reduction itself. Our goal in this handbook is to save you a lot of wasted time and effort by helping you to do the reduction job right the first time.

This section follows the basic outline of all of the chapters of this handbook. This first GHRS chapter (Chapter 34) describes the instrument, its general use, and important sources of additional information. Chapter 35 describes the data formats and data assessment-methods for determining whether the target was successfully acquired and the overall quality of the data. Chapter 36 describes the calibration process and how results can be improved. Chapter 37 describes error sources and uncertainty-topics intertwined with calibration. Chapter 38 concludes the GHRS part of this manual and describes various topics related to data analysis.

Although the GHRS was retired as an active instrument, STScI continues to provide analysis support for GHRS data. GHRS questions should be sent via E-mail to: Any updates to GHRS documentation and calibration will be summarized in the HST Spectrographs Space Telescope Analysis Newsletter (STAN).

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