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GHRS Instrument Handbook v4.1

The GHRS Handbook v.4.1 is in PostScript form, chapter by chapter. If you are using Ghostview as a viewer and the output looks garbled, try using a higher magnification.

Title Page [PostScript 59 Kb]
Table of Contents [PostScript 60 Kb]
Part I: Introduction to the GHRS and this Handbook
Chapter 1 [PostScript 112 Kb] Preliminaries and Essential Reading, p.5
1.1 This Handbook
1.2 Changes since the previous version
1.3 Where to find additional information, changes, errata, etc.
Chapter 2 [PostScript 136 Kb] Instrument Summary - Why Use the GHRS?, p.13
2.1 Fundamental properties of the instrument
2.2 A Brief Description of the Instrument and Its Operation
2.3 A Little About How HST and GHRS Work
2.4 GHRS Modes of Operation
Part II: Writing GHRS Proposals
Chapter 3 [PostScript 136 Kb] Phase I: What the TAC Sees, p.23
3.1 Essential questions
3.2 Specifying Target Acquisition
3.3 Calculating the Exposure Time
3.4 Calculating the Spacecraft Time
Chapter 4 [PostScript 192 Kb] Your Phase II Proposal, p.33
4.1 Acquisitions
4.2 Image Mode
4.3 Non-Standard Calibrations
4.4 Accumulation Mode
4.5 Rapid Readout Mode
4.6 Other Considerations
Chapter 5 [PostScript 83 Kb] Phase II Proposal Examples, p.47
Part III: GHRS Reference Information
Chapter 6 [PostScript 82 Kb] Design and Construction of the GHRS, p.53
6.1 The HST Focal Plane and the GHRS Apertures
6.2 Gratings and Optical Elements
6.3 The Digicon Detectors
Chapter 7 (No file available.) Reference Tables and Information, p.65
7.1 Predicting Target Acquisition Count Rates for Stars
7.2 Other Acquisition Information
7.3 Gratings
7.4 Exposure Estimation
7.5 Instrumental Properties
Chapter 8 [PostScript 89 Kb] GHRS Bibliography, p.93
8.1 Ultraviolet Extinction
8.2 GHRS-Related Technical Papers
8.3 GHRS Scientific Papers
8.4 Acknowledgments
Part IV:
Glossary [PostScript 72 Kb] of Terms and Abbreviations, p.99
Addendum 1 Potential Data Corruption [PostScript 69 Kb]
Addendum 2 is not available, see newer version for information about SSA peakups
Index [PostScript 74 Kb], p.111