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GHRS Instrument Handbook

This Handbook is divided into four parts:

Data reduction and analysis are not covered in this Instrument Handbook because they are treated in detail in the HST Data Handbook. External references have been included where appropriate in order not to duplicate what is available elsewhere, but we have tried to include almost everything you need to know about the GHRS when writing a proposal. If you find that you need information that is not in here, please consult with us.

In some cases we present information here in a redundant way because a discussion of acquisitions, for example, arises in several contexts. We have tried to make each discussion self-contained or at least have cross-references, but you may wish to consult Chapters 2, 3, and 4 at times.

Document Conventions

This document follows the usual STScI convention in which terms, words, and phrases which are to be entered by the user in a literal way on a form are shown in a typewriter font (e.g., BRIGHT=RETURN,FP-SPLIT). Names of software packages or commands (e.g., stsdas, synphot) are given in a bold font.

Wavelength units in this Handbook are in Ångstroms (Å), in keeping with astronomical tradition.