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GHRS Instrument Handbook

GHRS Bibliography

It is easier to write a document like this for an instrument that has already been operating for several years, so we owe a debt to Dennis Ebbets and Doug Duncan, who compiled earlier versions of this Handbook when much less was known. Others who have contributed to the success of the GHRS, especially in the technical areas that this document treats, include D. Lindler, E. Malumuth, S. Shore, G. Wahlgren (and others at Goddard Space Flight Center), as well as R. Gilliland, W. Baggett, J. Skapik and the Presto project (K. Peterson, A. Berman, H. Lanning, D. Manning, et al.) at STScI. The GHRS Investigation Definition Team (IDT) is also thanked for their help and for the quality of the instrument that they have provided to the astronomical community.