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GHRS Instrument Science Report 035

GHRS Instrument Science Report 035

Wavelength Calibration of GHRS: Analysis of Side 2 Data
(Proposals 2844 and 2845)  04/91

D.K. Duncan, L. Ferrarese, J.R. Walsh, and L.E. Walter

Abstract excerpted from the report:

Results of SV tests on the accuracy of routine spectral calibration
lamp wavelength calibration of GHRS Side 2 data are reported. The
Dispersion Constants reference table used for all pipeline calibration
to date was found to contain some bad values which can lead to offsets
of up to 1 Angstrom on the wavelength scale. Using a correct, though
still pre-flight, Dispersion Constants reference table, routine
accuracy of 0.02 Angstroms or better is produced. For first order
gratings, re-calibration of data can be expected to lead to wavelength
accuracy of around 0.006 Angstroms.

Note:  Dispersion Constants reference table c3v1133gz.cz6 fixed
       this problem as of 31 Mar 92.