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GHRS Instrument Science Report 058

GHRS Instrument Science Report 058

"An Assessment of the Pipeline Wavelength Calibrations for
the Side 2 Echelle Grating of the GHRS (Ech-B) in Cycles 2 and 3"

David R. Soderblom, Lisa E. Sherbert, and Stephen J. Hulbert

Abstract excerpted from the report:

In Cycles 2 and 3 of the HST science program several programs were
executed to monitor the behavior of the GHRS. Among these are tests of
the stability of the wavelength scales for the various gratings. The
results for the first-order gratings were reported in GHRS ISR 52;
this Instrument Science Report discusses measurements for the echelle
grating on Side 2, known as Echelle-B.