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GHRS Instrument Science Report 066

GHRS Instrument Science Report 066

"Comparison of the Low-Resolution Mode of the GHRS and the High Resolution
Modes of the FOS"

Claus Leitherer and Anne Kinney

Abstract excerpted from the report:

The wavelength region between 1150 Angstroms and 1900 Angstroms can be
observed with the GHRS and the FOS with similar spectral resolution. The
advantages of using either the GHRS with the G140L grating or the FOS with 
the G130H and G190H gratings are discussed. We address instrumental 
overheads, target acquisitions, sensitivity, scattered light, wavelength
coverage, aperture sizes, and spectral resolution. In general, if observations
at wavelengths below 1500 Angstroms are the prime scientific goal, the GHRS
is more sensitive and has better spectral resolution. At longer wavelengths,
the FOS will give better scientific return.