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GHRS Instrument Science Report 074


GHRS Calibrations in Cycle 6

D. Soderblom, M. McGrath, C. Leitherer, A. Gonnella, H. Lanning,
A. Schultz, and L. Sherbert
May 8, 1996


This is a summary of the GHRS calibrations in Cycle 6, both routine monitoring programs and a special measurement of GHRS sensitivity without the COSTAR mirrors. A description of the programs and their scheduling requirements is given. This plan will require 22 external HST orbits and 60 internal orbits.

1. - Introduction
2. - GHRS Programs in the Cycle 6 Monitoring Calibration Plan
Proposal ID 6897: GHRS Cycle 6: CRIMP1-- Condensed-Regimen Integrated Monitoring Program for Side 1 of the GHRS
Program ID 6898: GHRS Cycle 6: CRIMP2-- Condensed-Regimen Integrated Monitoring Program for Side 2 of the GHRS
Program ID 6899: GHRS Cycle 6: Echelle Wavelength Monitor
Program ID 6900: GHRS Cycle 6: Echelle and G140M Long-term Monitor
Program ID 6901: GHRS Cycle 6: PHA/Ion/Threshold Adjustment Tests
Program ID 6928: GHRS Cycle 6: NoCo Special Sensitivity Measurement without the COSTAR Mirrors
3. - Scheduling