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GHRS Instrument Science Report 075

GHRS Instrument Science Report 075

"Summary of the GHRS Calibration Program During Cycle 4"

Alfred B. Schultz, David R. Soderblom, Anne Gonnella, Stephen J.
Hulbert, Claus Leitherer, Lisa E. Sherbert, and Joseph Skapik

May 30, 1996


A summary of the calibration and performance of the GHRS in Cycle 4 is
presented. The GHRS is fully characterized except for three areas that
will be covered during Cycle 5: the sensitivity and vignetting for
grating G140M; wavelength offsets between the Large Science Aperture
and Small Science Aperture; and the photocathode granularity when using
the G140L grating. All Cycle 4 calibration programs have now been
completed, and as necessary, calibration tables and reference images
have been updated.