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GHRS Instrument Science Report 088

GHRS Instrument Science Report 088

"Redetermination of Sensitivity for Echelle-A and G140M"

J. R. Mack, L. E. Sherbert, D. R. Soderblom

July 31, 1997


This ISR describes a redetermination of the GHRS sensitivity functions
for the Echelle-A and G140M gratings. Changes amount to ~20% for
Echelle-A over the entire range of wavelengths, compared to the
previous values. G140M also deviates slightly from the reference
spectrum and requires a linear correction with wavelength, amounting
to ~2% at 1100A and 8% at 1600A. The procedures used to derive the
corrected sensitivity func tions are described here, and new files
have been installed in the CDBS.