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Keywords for GHRS ISRs

Note: Above is a list of keywords for which you may be interested in reading a GHRS Instrument Science Report (ISR). The date of the most recent report on this topic is given at the end of each line. Alternatively, you might prefer to see a complete list of complete list of titles of the GHRS ISRs available, listed in reverse chronologic order.

On-line abstracts are available for many reports. PostScript copies are available for recent reports.

For more information about or a paper copy of a report, please send e-mail or call the Help Desk. Please be certain to specify the Instrument and ISR number, and, preferably, a title.

GHRS Calibration Plan ISRs

087 GHRS Cycle 6 Calibration Close-Out, 07/97
086 GHRS Cycle 5 Calibration Close-out, 07/97
075 Summary of the GHRS Calibration Program During Cycle 4, 05/96
074 GHRS Calibration Plan for Cycle 6, 05/96
The GHRS Calibration Plan for Cycle 5, 05/95
can be found in Chapter 5 of the GHRS Instrument Handbook.
065 GHRS Calibration Plan for Cycle 4, 07/94
048 GHRS Calibration Plan for Cycle 3, 06/93

GHRS Calibration Product ISRs

067 Calibration Product Review for the GHRS in Early Cycle 4, 11/94

GHRS ISRs about Dark Noise

084 Implementation of a Background Count Rate Model for the GHRS, 05/97
070 GHRS Dark Noise Monitoring, 02/95
054 Dark Count Statistics for GHRS Detectors: A Test of Noise Rejection with FLYLIM, 11/93
045 Controlling Background Noise for GHRS Observations: Censor, 11/92
041 Cycle 1 Dark Noise Monitoring, 09/92

GHRS ISRs about Detector Calibrations

082 Analysis of Detector Calibrations for the GHRS for Cycles 4, 5 and 6, 05/97
076 Photocathode Granularity Maps for Grating G140L of the GHRS, 08/96
057 SMOV Proposal 4757: Light Path Verification, 01/94
043 Cycle 1 Detector Calibrations, 10/92
034 GHRS Photocathode Flat-Field Maps, 07/91
033 Preliminary Analysis of Best Focus for GHRS, 08/90
025 HRS Signal to Noise Ratio, 04/85
022 Review of Radiometric Calibration of the HRS, 12/84
020 Proposed Standard Substepping Patterns, 12/84

GHRS ISRs about Line and Point Spread Functions and/or Deconvolution

083 The Far Wings of the GHRS PSF, 09/97
063 Line Spread Functions and Resolution for GHRS-LSA Spectra with COSTAR, 04/94
055 Line Spread Functions for GHRS Spectra with the LSA (Pre-COSTAR), 11/93
032 Deconvolution of Simulated HST Spectra. II Extension to Variable PSF and New Techniques, 07/90
031 Deconvolution of Simulated HST Spectra, 07/90
030 Preliminary Analysis of GHRS Resolving Power Loss Due to OTA Spherical Aberration, 6/90

GHRS ISRs about Photocathode Granularity

076 Photocathode Granularity Maps for Grating G140L of the GHRS, 08/96
034 GHRS Photocathode Flat-Field Maps, 07/91
029 GHRS Photocathode Granularity Calibration, 03/90

GHRS ISRs about Sensitivity

090 Redetermination of Sensitivity for Echelle-B, 09/97
089 Summary of the Post-COSTAR Side 2 Sensitivity Monitors for GHRS, 09/97
088 Redetermination of Sensitivity for Echelle-A and G140M, 07/97
085 Redetermination of Sensitivity and Vignetting for Grating G140L, 05/97
078 Anomalies in the Calibration of GHRS Grating G270M, 10/96
071 Stability of the GHRS Sensitivity During Cycle 4, 06/95
069 Stability of the GHRS Side 1 Sensitivity, 11/94
066 Comparison of the Low-Resolution Mode of the GHRS and the High-Resolution Modes of the FOS, 07/94
062 First Measures of Sensitivity for the Post-COSTAR GHRS, with Interim Values for Data Analysis, 04/94
061 Flux Correction Factors for Pre-COSTAR Observations of Extended Sources with the GHRS, 03/94
060 GHRS Cycle 2 Sensitivity Monitoring Program 4124, 03/94
059 SMOV Proposal 4258: Pre-COSTAR Baseline Sensitivity, 01/94
051 GHRS Relative Sensitivity Monitoring, 08/93
042 Trends in GHRS Far-UV Sensitivity, 10/92
038 GHRS 3385b: Relative Sensitivity Monitor, 06/92
036 GHRS 3385: Absolute Sensitivity Monitor, 02/92
027 Calibration of the Photometric Sensitivity of Some Low and Medium Resolution Gratings, 02/91

GHRS ISRs about Target Acquisition Issues

079 Interpreting GHRS Target Positioning 02/97
068 FOS-Assisted GHRS Target Acquisition 11/94
064 "LOCATE=EXTENDED": A New Capability for GHRS, 05/94
056 An Evaluation of the Performance of SSA ACQ/PEAKUPS, 11/93
050 SSA PEAKUP Test-Part 1, 07/93
049 Review of the GHRS 'Double Locate' Strategy, 07/93
047 4462: a follow-up on GHRS ISR 044, 04/93
046 LSA Return-to-Brightest Test, 11/92
044 SSA Spiral Search Tests Results for Centering and Throughput, 10/92
040 Predicting GHRS Target Acquisition Count Rates, 07/92
037 GHRS Bright Star Target Acquisition After the Side 1 Loss, 01/92

GHRS ISRs about Wavelength Calibration

081 An Analysis of Pipeline Wavelength Calibrations for the First-Order Gratings of the GHRS in Cycles 4 Through 6, 05/97
080 Offsets in Wavelength Between the Large and Small Science Apertures of the GHRS, 03/97
072 A Review of the Utility of SPYBALs, 11/95
058 An Assessment of the Pipeline Wavelength Calibrations for the Side 2 Echelle Grating of the GHRS (Ech-B) in Cycles 2 and 3, 01/94
057 SMOV Proposal 4757: Light Path Verification, 01/94
053 Using SPYBALs to Improve Pipeline Wavelength Calibrations for the First Order Gratings of the GHRS, 11/93
052 An Assessment of the Pipeline Wavelength Calibrations for the First-Order Gratings of the GHRS in Cycle 2, 11/93
039 The accuracy and repeatability of pipeline GHRS wavelength calibration, 06/92
035 Wavelength Calibration of GHRS: Analysis of Side 2 Data (Proposals 2844 and 2845), 08/91