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Chapter 39 HSP Instrument Overview

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HSP Documentation / 39-1
Instrument Capabilities and Design / 39-2

The High Speed Photometer (HSP) was designed and built at the University of Wisconsin by the HSP Investigation Definition Team (IDT) consisting of Robert C. Bless (Principal Investigator), Joseph F. Dolan, James I. Elliott, Edward L. Robinson, and Wayne van Citters. A general overview of the instrument is given by Bless in "The High Speed Photometer for the Space Telescope," 1982, in The Space Telescope Observatory, ed. by D.N.B. Hall, page 106, NASA CP-2244. An instrument closeout summary is provided by Bless et al. in Wisconsin Astrophysics preprint no. 659, 1997.

The HSP was removed from the telescope during the First Servicing Mission in December, 1993 and was replaced by COSTAR.

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