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28 Aug 2019
Colloquia 2019 HotSci at STScI
Featuring Bonnie Meinke on Identifying collisions in Saturn’s Rings by observing the sub-cm particle distribution and Susana Deustua on HST as a particle detector.
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14 Aug 2019
Colloquia 2019 HotSci at STScI
Featuring Patrick Ogle on A Break in the Tully-Fisher Relation and Cosmic Mass Limit for Spiral Galaxies and Annalisa Calamida on A Stellar Halo Surrounding Omega Cen.
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24 Jul 2019
Colloquia 2019 HotSci at STScI
Featuring  Raymond Simons on The Chemical and Kinematic Transformation of Galaxies: A 10 Billion Year Retrospective and Carol Christian on Tactile 3D Astronomy.
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17 Jul 2019
Colloquia 2019 HotSci at STScI
Featuring Jeff Cummings on Constraining Stellar Rotation, Internal Mixing, and AGB Stars Using The Initial-Final Mass Relation and Karl Gordon on Milky Way optical and mid-IR extinction curves.
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2 Jul 2019
Lectures Our Colorful Universe: Translating Cosmic Light
Speaker: Joseph DePasquale (Space Telescope Science Institute) Vivid and fantastical images of the cosmos can amaze and astound both scientists and the public alike. Have you ever wondered how the...
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8 May 2019
Colloquia Exploring Exoplanets and their Stars with the UV Space Telescopes of the Past, Present and Future
Roughly seventy-five billion low-mass stars (a.k.a. M dwarfs) in our galaxy host at least one small planet in the habitable zone (HZ). The stellar ultraviolet (UV) radiation from M dwarfs is strong and...
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25-27 Mar 2019
Symposia 2019 Hubble Fellows Symposium
The Hubble Fellowship Program continues to be one of the highlights of NASA's pursuit of excellence in space science. More than 325 of the world's prominent and active scientists in astrophysics...
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5 Dec 2018
Colloquia The MUSE 3D View of the High Redshift Universe
Thanks to its unique capabilities, the MUSE integral field spectrograph at ESO VLT has given us new insight of the Universe at high redshift. In this talk I will review some breakthrough in the observation...
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14 Nov 2018
Colloquia On the Morphologies of Cool Circumgalactic Gas Flows: Insights from Absorption- and Emission-Line Tracers
Quasar absorption line experiments with HST have revealed the mass of diffuse gas in the halos of ~L* galaxies to be at least comparable to the baryonic mass of the galaxies’ disks. However, these...
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7 Nov 2018
Colloquia How Do Galaxies Evolve into the Forms They Have Today?
This talk will summarize my recent observations of disk and spheroidal galaxies, which challenge and enrich our pictures of how they form. I will show how the internal kinematics of star-forming galaxies,...
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24 Oct 2018
Colloquia Exoplanet Imaging: From Precision Optics to Precision Measurements
I will first present recent observational results pertaining to the formation history of giant planets. This work was mostly carried out using the Gemini Planet Imager instrument: I will highlight our...
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12 Sep 2018
Colloquia Black Hole Masses in Active Galaxies
One of the unexpected results from 25 years of observations with the Hubble Space Telescope is the discovery that supermassive black holes inhabit the centers of all massive galaxies, and these black holes...
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19-21 Mar 2018
Symposia 2018 Hubble Fellows Symposium
Answering the question: How did we get here? The Hubble Fellowship Program continues to be one of the highlights of NASA's pursuit of excellence in space science. More than 325 of the world’s...
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13-15 Mar 2018
Workshops Science with Precision Astrometry Workshop
Precision astrometry is providing many advances in our understanding of the physics of the local universe. These advances will expand as the HST time baseline increases, the Gaia DR2 catalog is released,...
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12 Mar 2018
Lectures Galaxies at Cosmic Dawn: Exploring the First Billion Years with Hubble and Spitzer - Implications for JWST
This event is the 12th Annual Bahcall Lecture. A combination of Hubble and Spitzer data pushed Hubble into JWST territory, far beyond what we ever expected Hubble could do. Twenty years of astonishing...
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