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Cycle 11 Update to Tiny Tim

The parameters for the PSF fitting software, Tiny Tim, have been updated. Please follow the following instructions when running Tiny Tim on Cycle 11 NICMOS data in order to obtain optimum results.

1) Click here to downlaod the IDL program (written by J. Krist) into your working directory.

2) Run tiny1 as usual. When it gives you the option of specifying the date or PAM settings, choose PAM, and then enter one of the following values (in mm of PAM space).

3) The program will then ask you for the date of observation to use to determine other aberrations. You can enter any reasonable date here (one that is within the first NICMOS era), such as "4 4 1998". The aberrations will be replaced with the updated values later, so the date isn't important.

4) After tiny1 has completed, enter IDL and compile and execute the routine fixtinytim. You must pass to fixtinytim the parameter file created by tiny1. For example, if that parameter file is called, then type in IDL:


The routine will replace the old values with the new ones (and also create a backup of the original parameter file with a "old_" prefix, e.g. "").

5) Run tiny2 and enjoy the results.