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NICMOS Data Handbook

NICMOS Data Handbook
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Version 8.0
May 2009
NICMOS Data Handbook
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Revision History
May 2009
Deepashri Thatte, Tomas Dahlen, Elizabeth Barker, Roelof de Jong, Anton Koekemoer, Nor Pirzkal, Alex Viana, Tommy Wiklind
April 2007
Helene McLaughlin & Tommy Wiklind et al.
July 2004
Bahram Mobasher & Erin Roye et al.
January 2002
Mark Dickinson et al.
December 1999
Mark Dickinson et al.
October 1997
Daniela Calzetti et al.
The editors are grateful for the contributions from the past and present members of the NICMOS group and members of the SSB group at STScI including: Santiago Arribas, Eddie Bergeron, Torsten Boeker, Howard Bushouse, Daniela Calzetti, Luis Colina, Mark Dickinson, Sherie Holfeltz, David Grumm, Chris Hanley, Robert Jedrzejewski, Victoria Laidler, Lisa Mazzuca, Helene McLaughlin, Bahram Mobasher, Keith Noll, Antonella Nota, Adam Riess, Erin Roye, Chris Skinner, Al Schultz, Anand Sivaramakrishnan, Megan Sosey, Alex Storrs, Anatoly Suchkov, Chun Xu, and Wolfram Freudling (ST-ECF).We are also grateful for technical assistance provided by Susan Rose and Jim Younger in editing this Handbook.
In publications, refer to this document as:
Thatte, D. and Dahlen, T. et al. 2009, “NICMOS Data Handbook”, version 8.0, (Baltimore, STScI)

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