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List of Figures
Figure 2.1: Data Format for ACCUM and BRIGHTOBJ Modes
Figure 2.2: MULTIACCUM Mode Data Format
Figure 3.1: Processing Flow for OTFR
Figure 3.2: Temperature for Individual Dark Images
Figure 3.3: Partial NICMOS Header
Figure 3.4: Calnica Processing Flow for a MULTIACCUM Observation
Figure 4.1: Dark Current Comparison Between Cycle 7 and Cycle 11.
Figure 4.2: Amplifier glow images for NICMOS cameras 1, 2 and 3.
Figure 4.3: Examples of shading for NICMOS cameras 1, 2 and 3
Figure 4.4: Data affected by variable quadrant bia.
Figure 4.5: Bias jumps or “bands” in a NICMOS image.
Figure 4.6: NIC2 0.001024 BRIGHTOBJ mode exposure of HD10700
Figure 4.7: Bars in a NICMOS Camera 1 Image.
Figure 4.8: Figure 4.8: Graph of non-linearity by camera, top line NIC1, middle line NIC2, and bottom line NIC3
Figure 4.9: Flat-field responses for NIC1, NIC2 and NIC3.
Figure 4.10: Persistence induced by an exposure of a bright star.
Figure 4.11: Cosmic Ray Persistence in Three Dithered NIC2 MIF1024 Images.
Figure 4.12: NIC2 Persistence Images
Figure 4.13: The Mr. Staypuft Anomaly.
Figure 4.14:  Optical ghosts in NIC1 polarizers.
Figure 4.15: A “Monster Cosmic Ray” Hit in a NICMOS Image.
Figure 4.16: Plot of median counts vs. time for readouts from a NICMOS image.
Figure 4.17: Scattered light with difference.
Figure 5.1: Inverse sensitivity as function of temperature
Figure 5.2: Temperature dependent sensitivity as function of wavelength
Figure 5.3: Estimating Absolute Flux Variation
Figure 5.4: NIC1 Image with PSF Radial Profile
Figure 5.5: NIC2 Image with Radial Profile
Figure 5.6: Effect of cold mask wiggling on PSF subtraction in broad band and narrow band filters.
Figure 5.7: Illustration of PSF color dependence in different filters.
Figure 5.8: Effect of PSF color dependence on PSF subtraction in different filters.
Figure 5.9: Coronagraphic image, F110W filter.
Figure 5.10: PSF Subtraction.
Figure 5.11: PSF Subtraction.

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