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Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer Instrument Handbook for Cycle 17 > Chapter 1: Introduction andGeneral Considerations > 1.3 NICMOS Proposal Preparation

1.3 NICMOS Proposal Preparation
The NICMOS Instrument Handbook and the current Call for Proposals (CP) should be used when assembling NICMOS Phase I Proposals. The CP provides policy and instructions for proposing. In addition, the HST Primer provides a basic introduction to the technical aspects of HST and its instruments and explains how to calculate the appropriate number of orbits for your Phase I observing time requests. The NICMOS Instrument Handbook contains detailed technical information about NICMOS, describing its expected performance, and presenting suggestions for use.
If the Phase I proposal is accepted, the proposer will be asked to submit a Phase II program in which the exact configurations, exposure times and sequences of observations that NICMOS and the telescope should perform are specified. To assemble the Phase II program the observer is referred to the NICMOS Instrument Handbook and to the Phase II Proposal Instructions. These instructions describe the rules and syntax that apply to the planning and scheduling of NICMOS observations and provide relevant observatory information.

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