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Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer Instrument Handbook for Cycle 17 > Chapter 1: Introduction andGeneral Considerations > 1.4 The Help Desk at STScI

1.4 The Help Desk at STScI
STScI maintains a Help Desk. The Help Desk staff at STScI quickly provide answers to any HST-related topic, including questions regarding NICMOS and the proposal process. The Help Desk staff have access to all of the resources available at the Institute, and they maintain a database of answers so that frequently asked questions can be immediately answered. The Help Desk staff also provide STScI documentation, in either hardcopy or electronic form, including instrument science reports, instrument handbooks, and the like. Questions sent to the Help Desk are usually answered within two working days. Commonly, the Help Desk staff will reply with the answer to a question, but occasionally they will need more time to investigate the answer. In these cases, they will reply with an estimate of the time needed to supply a full answer.
We ask proposers to please send all initial inquiries to the Help Desk. If a question requires a NICMOS Instrument Scientist to answer it, the Help Desk staff will put a NICMOS Instrument Scientist in contact with the proposer. By sending requests to the Help Desk, proposers are guaranteed that someone will provide them with a timely response.
To contact the Help Desk at STScI:
Phone: (410) 338-1082
The Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility (ST-ECF) also maintains a help desk. European users should generally contact the ST-ECF for help: all other users should contact STScI. To contact the ST-ECF Help Desk:

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