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NICMOS STScI Analysis Newsletter 36

| STScI Analysis Newsletter
| 05 February 2007
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-NICMOS Recovery and Return to Science


NICMOS Recovery and Return to Science

NICMOS is recovered and back in normal operation following the safing
of HST on January 27, 2007. The NICMOS NCS cooldown was started on  
January 29 and proceeded nominally, with the instrument cooled down
and ready to begin initial operations by Friday February 2. The  
checkout of all the electronic and mechanical systems of the  
showed nominal behaviour, including normal operation of the filter  
which was verified by examining the filter wheel motor currents as  
as inspection of flat fields taken through a range of different  
The count rates in the flat fields, as well as the bias and dark  
properties, show no significant change in any of the three cameras
compared with similar data obtained before the safing.

Overall, NICMOS appears to have settled down in a similar way to its
behavior after previous HST safing events, and no unusual problems
have been uncovered in any aspect of its operation so far. Science
programs have begun executing and preliminary results also reveal no
unexpected behavior so far. More detailed analysis of the calibration
data will continue as further data are obtained; if any changes are
found in the more detailed analysis then those will be accounted for
by delivering new reference files according to the usual procedure.
A more detailed report will be distributed later once analysis of all
the data has been completed.

For more detailed information and updates, please consult the
NICMOS webpages:

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