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NICMOS Coronagraphy

NICMOS coronagraphic imaging capability is provided by a hole in the Camera 2 Field Divider Assembly which provides a 0.3 arcsec radius coronagraphic spot, with an effective useful radius of 0.4 arcsec at the detector image plane.

Coronograph users should read this important advisory for coronagraphic observing. Other important information on coronagraphy can be found in Chapter 5 of the NICMOS Data Handbook, section 5.1 of the NICMOS Instrument Handbook as well as in the following performance summaries: Performance of the Coronagraph in Cycle 7, and Motion of the Coronagraphic Hole OverTime. For more specific details on coronagraphy, follow the links to thedocuments listed below.

NICMOS Coronagraphy Documentation


Important updates, discoveries and developments that could potentially affect NICMOS observations, calibration, or data analysis.

NICMOS Coronagraphic Observing for Cycle 13 onwards

NICMOS Camera 2 ACQ Exposure Times


Performance Summaries

Status reports reflecting the current understanding of instrument characteristics, performance and calibration.

Motion of the Coronographic Hole Over Time

Performance of the Coronagraph in Cycle 7


The NICMOS Instrument Handbook is the primary guide regarding the characteristics and use of the instrument. The HST Data Handbook is the primary guide for calibration, reduction and analysis of NICMOS data.

Instrument Science Reports

ISRs are technical reports written by members of the NICMOS Group about various aspects of the instrument and data. They usually contain in-depth information about specific topics.

NICMOS ISR 2005-001: NICMOS Two Gyro Mode Coronagraphic Performance
G. Schneider, A. Schultz, S. Malhotra & I. Dashevsky 08 Jul 2005

NICMOS ISR 2004-001: NICMOS Coronagraphic Calibration
A. Schultz 30 Jan 2004

NICMOS ISR 2003-003: NICMOS Monitoring Stability
A.B. Schultz 01 Apr 2003

NICMOS ISR-99-006: NICMOS Coronagraphic Imaging Strategy
A. Schultz 27 Aug 1999

NICMOS ISR-98-019: NICMOS Mode-1 Coronagraphic Acquisition
A. Schultz 19 Jan 1999

NICMOS ISR-98-012: NICMOS Camera 2 Coronagraphic ACQs
A. Schultz 29 May 1998

NICMOS ISR-031: NICMOS Camera 2 Coronagraphic Acquisition
A. Schultz 13 Jan 1998

Papers and Proceedings

Selected NICMOS related published papers and workshop proceedings.

2004 AAS Poster--HST/NICMOS Coronography: Prospects for Cycle 13 and Beyond-A Choice of Coronagraphic Imagers
G. Schneider, M. Silverstone, D. Hines

Domains of Observability in the Near-Infrared with HST/NICMOS and (Adaptive Optics Augmented) Large Ground-Based Telescopes
G. Schneider

Presentation from 2002 SPIE Meeting: Post-NCS Performance of the HST NICMOS
A. B. Schultz


Cookbook style instructions, prescribed procedures, and helpful tips.


Examples of how to use various NICMOS-related tools, calibration and analysis techniques.

Space Telescope Analysis Newsletters

STANs contain useful information regarding calibration and data reduction.