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NICMOS Sensitivity

NICMOS provides its hightest sensitivity from 1.1 to ~2 microns, where it is superior to an 8m class telescope, and better sensitivity than the ACS for all observations for wavelengths longward of ~1.0 microns. Important information on sensitivity can be found in Chapter 4: Imaging of the NICMOS Instrument Handbook, as well as in Appendix 1: Imaging Reference Material of the NICMOS Instrument Handbook. For more specific details on sensitivity, follow the links to the documents listed below.

NICMOS Sensitivity & Throughput Documentation

Important updates, discoveries and developments that could potentially affect NICMOS observations, calibration, or data analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Performance Summaries:
Status reports reflecting the current understanding of instrument characteristics, performance and calibration.

The NICMOS Instrument Handbook is the primary guide regarding the characteristics and use of the instrument. The HST Data Handbook is the primary guide for calibration, reduction and analysis of NICMOS data.

Instrument Science Reports:
ISRs are technical reports written by members of the NICMOS Group about various aspects of the instrument and data. They usually contain in-depth information about specific topics.

NICMOS ISR-99-005: Camera 3 Intrapixel Sensitivity
A. Storrs 23 Aug 1999

NICMOS ISR 1996-019: Cosmic Rays on NICMOS: Results from Thermal Vacuum Data
D. Calzetti 27 Nov 1996

Papers and Proceedings:
Selected NICMOS related published papers and workshop proceedings.

Presentation from 2002 SPIE Meeting: Post-NCS Performance of the HST NICMOS
A. B. Schultz

NICMOS Flyer for June 2002 AAS Meeting

Cookbook style instructions, prescribed procedures, and helpful tips.

Examples of how to use various NICMOS-related tools, calibration and analysis techniques.

Space Telescope Analysis Newsletters:
STANs contain useful information regarding calibration and data reduction.

NICMOS STScI Analysis Newsletter 3
Update on NICMOS Cycle 7 science program
and Exposure Time Calculator
NICMOS Group 01 Jun 1997 (html)