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NICMOS provides grism imaging spectroscopy in the spectral range between 0.8 and 2.5 microns. NICMOS is used in this mode of operation without any slit or aperture at the input focus, so all objects in the field of view are dispersed for true multi-object spectroscopy. The grisms reside in the NIC3 filter wheel which contains 3 grisms: G096, G141, and G206, which cover the entire NICMOS wavelength range with a spectral resolving power of ~200 per pixel. Important information regarding NICMOS spectroscopy can be found in Chapter 5 of the NICMOS Data Handbook, as well as on the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility's NICMOS web page. For more specific details about NICMOS spectroscopy, follow the links to the documents listed below.

NICMOS Spectroscopy Documentation

Important updates, discoveries and developments that could potentially affect NICMOS observations, calibration, or data analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Performance Summaries
Status reports reflecting the current understanding of instrument characteristics, performance and calibration

The NICMOS Instrument Handbook is the primary guide regarding the characteristics and use of the instrument. The HST Data Handbook is the primary guide for calibration, reduction and analysis of NICMOS data.

Instrument Science Reports
ISRs are technical reports written by members of the NICMOS Group about various aspects of the instrument and data. They usually contain in-depth information about specific topics.

NICMOS ISR 2003-001: High Signal-to-Noise, Differential NICMOS Spectrophotometry
R.L. Gilliland and S. Arribas 07 Jan 2003

Papers and Proceedings
Selected NICMOS related published papers and workshop proceedings.

Domains of Observability in the Near-Infrared with HST/NICMOS and (Adaptive Optics Augmented) Large Ground-Based Telescopes
G. Schneider

Presentation from 2002 SPIE Meeting: Post-NCS Performance of the HST NICMOS
A. B. Schultz

On-orbit Properties of the NICMOS Detectors on HST
L. Bergeron,A. Schultz,J. MacKenty,A. Storrs,W. Freudling,D. Axon,H. Bushouse,D. Calzetti,L. Colina,D. Daou,D. Gilmore,S. Holfeltz,J. Najita,K. Noll,C. Ritchie,W. Sparks,A. Suchkov

Cookbook style instructions, prescribed procedures, and helpful tips.

Examples of how to use various NICMOS-related tools, calibration and analysis techniques.

Phase II Example: NICMOS Grisms using RPS2 2001/10/05 text anonymous Phase II Example: NICMOS Grisms using APT 2001/10/05 text anonymous

Space Telescope Analysis Newsletters
STANs contain useful information regarding calibration and data reduction