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NICMOS Proposing

The HST General Observer (GO) proposing process is broken up into two phases. Phase I entails a detailed scientific justification of the observing program, and a brief explanation of the requisite technical specifications for review by the Telescope Allocation Committee (TAC). If a Phase I proposal has been recommended by the TAC, and approved by the STScI director, then a Phase II proposal ensues, which specifically details the technical requirements for the given observing program. There are many specific requirements for Phase I and Phase II proposals. For more details, see the specific sub-sections on Phase I and Phase II proposing.

The NCS will cool the NICMOS dewar to temperatures around 72 - 77 K, significantly higher than during Cycle 7. Therefore, many NICMOS parameters will be different from Cycle 7, and users should pay close attention to the new NICMOS performance.