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Although the NCS was not restarted, NICMOS proposals were solicited for Cycles 18 and 19. Based upon assessments of those proposals and the efforts required to re-commission NCS and NICMOS, no proposals were selected and the NCS has remained off. NICMOS proposals are not being solicited for Cycle 20.

When writing and submitting a NICMOS Observing Proposal, proposers should consult all relevant technical documentation about the capabilities and sensitivities of NICMOS. Two important documents to consult are the NICMOS Instrument Handbook, and the NICMOS Data Handbook. Proposers should also discuss the requirements of their observing programs with appropriate STScI experts. Contacts are provided via the STScI HelpDesk at

For more specific information relating to Phase I proposing, follow the links to the documents listed below.

NICMOS Phase I Proposing Documentation


Important updates, discoveries and developments that could potentially affect NICMOS observations,calibration, or data analysis.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Performance Summaries:

Status reports reflecting the current understanding of instrument characteristics, performance and calibration.


The NICMOS Instrument Handbook is the primary guide regarding the characteristics and use of the instrument. The HST Data Handbook is the primary guide for calibration, reduction and analysisof NICMOS data.

Instrument Science Reports:

ISRs are technical reports written by membersof the NICMOS Group about various aspects of the instrument and data. They usually contain in-depth information about specific topics.

Papers and Proceedings:

Selected NICMOS related published papers and workshop proceedings.


Cookbook style instructions, prescribed procedures, and helpful tips.


Examples of how to use various NICMOS-related tools, calibration and analysis techniques.

Space Telescope Analysis Newsletters:

STANs contain useful information regarding calibration and data reduction.