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NICMOS Software Tools

Links to tools for proposing, calibrating, and analysing NICMOS imaging, polarimetry, and spectroscopic data are provided.

Synthetic Dark Generator Generate synthetic dark reference files corresponding to a specific temperature for MULTIACCUM data.
Synthetic Flat Generator Generate synthetic flatfield reference files corresponding to a specific temperature for any imaging filter.
Post-SAA Persistance Removal Tool IDL routine that removes cosmic ray persistance from science data impacted by SAA passages.
Color Dependent Flats Two routines to generate color dependent flatfield reference files.
Unit Conversion Tool Flux conversion between diverse unit systems.
Polarizer Tools IDL routines to analyze polarimetry data.
GRISM Tools Tools for spectrum extraction, object identification and classification and tips on estimating GRISM exposure times.
Imaging Exposure Time Calculator (no longer available) The NICMOS ETC is no longer available for new calculations. Given the fact that NICMOS is not being offered for use in the current proposal cycles, and due to the substantial maintenance and development costs in a constrained budgetary environment, the decision was taken to discontinue support for the NICMOS ETC. Users can still retrieve NICMOS ETC results from Cycles 17 and 18 by contacting the STScI Help Desk at
History Tool Information on: plate scale, focus, coronagraphic hole location, previous SAA passages, and spacecraft attitude.
APT Bright Object Tool (BOT) for NICMOS A document outlining the use of the Bright Object Tool within APT for NICMOS observations.