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Post SAA Persistance Removal Software

SAAclean: Latest PyRAF Post-SAA Persistence Task

The current implementation of the Post-SAA Persistence Tool (see below) is now available as the saaclean task in the stsdas.hst_calib.nicmos packages in PyRAF.

The new archive requests of science data will automatically deliver data files that have been properly run through SAAclean.

In order to use the current version please download the NICMOS Darks for SAAclean

Save these files to a local disk and set the darkpath parameter to the corresponding directory.

The previous version required the following files:

where c1/c2/c3 corresponds to the appropriate NICMOS camera.

Original IDL Post-SAA Persistence Removal Tool

The following IDL routine, saa_clean, written by Eddie Bergeron to remove cosmic ray persistence from science data, is now available for download. Please note that this is a g-zipped tar file. In order to unpack (un-zip and un-tar) this file for use, type the following commands at your command prompt:

> gunzip saa_clean.tar.gz
> tar xvf saa_clean.tar

Included in the download are demonstration data, a copy of the ISR detailing this algorithm, as well as the saa_clean idl software package. Also included is a README file, instructing how to use the routine.

Note: this software was updated on March 11, 2004. Included in the updated version are several bug fixes and some necessary library routines, which are now included by default.

The IDL software is available on an as-is basis. This IDL routine is not supported by STScI personnel. See ISR-2003-010 for details on the algorithm.