STScI Calibration Data System

ACS CCD Overscan

These tables describe the CCD overscan regions of the WFC and HRC, which are used to measure and subtract the bias level of each image in the pipeline.

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File Detector Use After Pedigree Delivery # Delivery Date OTFR Start Use Date Comments
lch1459bj_osc.fits WFC Jan 01 1991 00:00:00 UT GROUND 10897 Jan 08 2002 18:46:23 GMT Jan 08 2002 19:27:00 GMT Initial ACS/WFC pedigree=ground osc table.
m2j1057pj_osc.fits HRC Mar 01 2001 00:00:00 UT GROUND 10932 Feb 19 2002 17:02:08 GMT Feb 19 2002 17:57:00 GMT ACS/HRC pedigree=ground overscan table.